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OST Land Office

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Oglala Sioux Tribe Land Office

Denise Mesteth  -  Director

Mona Brave  -  Administrative Assistant

Aloysious “Bud” Waters  -  Field Technician

Georgine Looks Twice  -  GIS Technician

Dylan Brave  -  GIS/GPS Technician

Sharon Mabin  -  Land Exchange Clerk

Doreen White Bull  -  Clerk

PO Box 2070

Pine Ridge, South Dakota  57770

Phone: 605-867-5305     Fax: 605-867-6422     Email:

The endeavor of the OST Land Office is to strive to meet the needs of the Tribal membership by actively assisting members to acquire leases on Tribal lands. Types of leases are as follows:

In addition to leases, the Land Office administers the Land Exchange Program which allows the exchange of fractionated interest of land owned by individual Tribal members to be exchanged for Tribal whole tracts. Tribal Members are encouraged to apply and eliminate the further fractionated interest created by the Federal Government over a number of years.

Additionally, the Land Office works with individuals to secure permits which include the following types:

Furthermore, the Land Office, through the BIA Reserve Account, purchases land with available funds. A future venture of the Land Office is to establish a Land Purchasing Program, specifically, to purchase whole tracts of land. This endeavor will ensure that the tribally owned land base increases thus allowing the Tribe and Tribal members to utilize the land base for potential business, residential sites and other ventures that would benefit the Tribe as a whole.

The OST Land Office works collaboratively with various entities which include OST Programs, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Natural Resources Regulatory Agency, Environmental Protection, Natural Resources Conservation Services, Indian Health Service, Oglala Sioux Lakota Housing Authority.

With the ever increasing use of technology, the GIS/GPS Arc View Program has greatly improved the services of providing accurate aerial photos.

A comprehensive database has been created to record and maintain all lease transactions. The database allows staff to access records in a timely and sufficient manner as well as maintains the upkeep of accurate records. With the creation of the database, statistical reports can be created to provide reports.

“Every part of this earth is SACRED. We are part of the earth and it’s a part of us.” Chief Seattle

The OST Land Office has come a long way in implementing a number of improvements that make the process of leasing Tribal land simpler for the applicant. Implementing the GPS and GIS software has been a big improvement to the Tribal Land Office. Our services have been a positive reflection of the progress that the happen on our Reservation. The staff is capable of providing services to the general public with little or no assistance from other that are considered to be experts in dealing with land.

Independence from the BIA Realty office has been a tremendous step in self-sufficient.

Given the tools to increase the understanding for the staff and tribal members has opened up doors to an immense amount of information and regulations to learn and develop for the benefit of our Tribal Members.

The land office is an organization that provides a public service to the Tribal Members and will seek to continue the improvements in services concerning land leases and or transactions that will enhance the benefits to tribal membership.

-  Residential

-  Business

-  Community

-  OST Programs

-  Farm/Pasture

-  Revocable (i.e., arts/craft stand, holding pen, bookeeping, etc.)

-  Haying


The Cobell settlement was approved by Congress on November 30, 2010 (Claims Resolution Act of 2010) and signed by President Obama on December 8, 2010. The $3.4 billion Cobell Settlement will address the Federal Government’s responsibility for trust accounts and trust assets maintained by the United States on behalf of more than 300,000 individual Indians. A fund of $1.5 billion will be used to compensate class members for their historical accounting, trust fund and asset mismanagement claims. This fund is separate from the land purchasing funds below. The Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations is operated through the Department of the Interior but we will call the new program; Oglala Sioux Tribe Land Purchasing Program (OST-LPP)

In addition, to address the continued proliferation of thousands of new trust accounts caused by the "fractionation" of land interests through succeeding generations, the Settlement establishes a $1.9 billion fund for the voluntary buy-back and consolidation of fractionated land interests. The land consolidation program will provide individual American Indians with an opportunity to obtain cash payments for divided land interests and free up the land for the benefit of tribal communities. 

Furthermore, up to $60 million will be set aside to provide scholarships for higher education for American Indians and Alaska Natives. Some dollars from every purchase will go toward this scholarship fund and does not affect the amount of monies received by you for sales to the tribe.

The new Oglala Sioux Tribe Land Purchasing Program (OST-LPP) will be up and running very soon, stay tuned, we will be sending releases to local and regional papers and getting on KILI. We will be going into your communities with information and answers to your questions regarding the OST-LPP.  This is a voluntary program and we will be providing advocates who will work with you one-on-one to help you make the best decisions for you and your families.

For more information you can go to the internet site below. You can also access the brochure and Oglala Sioux Tribal Land Purchasing Program proposal by clicking on and find out how the Tribe is going to be working with Department of Interior.