Oglala Sioux Tribe Executive Committee

OST Land Purchasing Program
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  1. Will I have to sell?

No, you don’t. You will never be forced to sell your land.

  1. How will I be paid?

Funds must be deposited into an Individual Indian Money (IIM) account established in the seller’s name. You then choose debit card, check, or to a bank of your choice.

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South Unit Badlands National Park

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2012 - 2014 Bryan Brewer/Tom Poor Bear Administration

Eagle Nest District

Ruth Brown                             Phone: 605-441-6364     email: rjbrown_06@yahoo.com

Jim Meeks                                Phone: 605-454-3383     email:            

LaCreek District

Charles L. Cummings                Phone: 605-407-9853     email:   cld@hotmail.com

Craig Dillon                              Phone: 605-685-8594     email: cldillon@hotmail.com            

Medicine Root District

Stanley Little White Man           Phone: 605-381-1078    email: S_lwm52@hotmail.com

Bernie Shot With Arrow             Phone: 605-407-8915    email: lakotawarrior34@yahoo.com            

Oglala District

Paul Little                                Phone: 605-441-6349    email:

Barbara Dull Knife                    Phone: 605-407-8910     email:            

Pass Creek District

James Cross                             Phone: 605-454-4693    email: jamesc@nativeweb.net

Lydia Bear Killer                       Phone: 605-407-8916    email: lydiabearkiller@yahoo.com            

Porcupine District

Danielle “Dani” LeBeau             Phone: 605-407-8912    email: miss_lebeaux@yahoo.com

Troy “Scott” Weston                Phone: 605-454-6238    email: tsweston@gwtc.net

Wakpamni District

Dan Rodriguez                          Phone: 605-407-8913     email:

Jacqueline F. Siers                   Phone: 605-407-8914     email: jackies@oglala.org

Wounded Knee District

Garfield Steele                         Phone: 605-685-5326     email: Glittledog0608@yahoo.com

Kevin Yellow Bird-Steele           Phone: 605-454-1066     email: kevinsteele@yahoo.com            

Pine Ridge Village

Irving Provost                          Phone: 605-441-6374     email: irvpro7@hotmail.com

Robin Tapio                              Phone: 605-454-0771     email: Supertap_46@yahoo.com

Lawrence “Larry” Eagle Bull     Phone: 605-407-8911     email:

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